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What I Read

I’m a big believer in the idea that you can never know enough, and in that vein I read as much as possible.  Some months are more productive than others, but in general the lengthy public transit commute I’ve endured the last couple years has passed on at least one sweet gift: time.

I track all the books I read in a public document that you can find below, but that doesn’t nearly scratch the surface.  We’re reading a lot more every day than we could ever document, and when you include the articles, blogs, online essays, Twitter posts and highway signs that move us all you’ve got a mountain of good ideas to sift through.  Aside from the books I’ve finished, you can find some articles and blogs that I think are especially worth checking out.

Books I have read.


Goodbye To All That
– Joan Didion



Signals vs Noise
The Blue Hour
Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist
The Wednesday Chef
The Writer’s Almanac

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