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April 22, 2010

Last weekend I bought a new bike.  It wasn’t a light purchase; I’ve spent months researching the right kind of urban bike to get me around the city.  After a nice little joy ride on Sunday, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the coming weekend to get back on that two-wheeled beauty, but alas, the forecast does not appear to be cooperating, which is leaving me… a little relieved.  It’s got nothing to do with the bike – I want to ride it oh so badly – but with the fact that I was sick earlier this week and have been tired ever since.  A weekend of wet, gray weather sounds relaxing.  It’s funny, isn’t it, that we look forward to endless good weather and tend to forget that sometimes there’s nothing better than staying in or catching a movie, cooking a meal, wandering through a book store or gallery, seeing a band, staying up late and sleeping in without having to worry that come early morning the sun will be shining and we must get outside.  Here in Chicago, where nice days are often too rare, there’s a pressure to get outside all day and enjoy it all.  So while we all celebrate as the weather continues to warm up and the sun makes its final push to free itself from the white walls of winter, I’d like to nod my hatless head to calm, leisurely rainy days.

No. 256: 4/22/2010

No. 257: 4/21/2010

No. 258: 4/20/2010

There was a stillness to China in unexpected places, and once again
she had the curious sensation of being anywhere in time.  She felt
relieved of her life, of the world she knew, stripped away from herself.
It was a strange place, far from home.  She really didn’t belong.  So why
did the surprise thought keep rising like a bubble inside her that it
might be nice to stay?

– Nicole Mones, The Last Chinese Chef

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