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city lights

March 10, 2010

I fell hard and fast for the lights of the city when I settled in Chicago.  I’d been living in college towns and Spanish villages for years, and the power of the city lights struck me with awe.  There’s knowledge to be found in the bustle and madness of the city, its damp, crowded streets and the hostile sounds of the elevated train overhead.  The incandescent colors still get me, which is probably why photos such as the first one below will always be attractive.

Wilco captures this feeling perfectly.

No. 300: 3/10/2010

I long to hold you in my arms and sway
Kiss and ride on the CTA
I need to see you tonight

– Wilco, Far, Far Away

No. 301: 3/9/2010

It is awfully easy to be hard-boiled about everything in the
day-time, but at night is another thing.

– Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

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  1. March 10, 2010 6:03 pm

    Wilco, Hemingway, and talk of city lights…such a good combination. I really like the top photograph.

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