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January 21, 2010

When I first began this blog, I figured that I would take many of the photos using the iPhone.  What I quickly found was that the iPhone is not a very good camera.  Pictures look pretty crisp when you view them on the small screen of the phone, but when you enlarge them even a little bit the photos have a grainy, unclear, unfocused quality to them.  The photos at the beginning of Juxtaposition were all taken with an iPhone, but I don’t think you’ll see many more using that device.

Spoon has a new album out, called Transference, which so far is really pretty good.  Spoon is winter music – the kind of group you listen to when it’s cold and dark and icy, and you’ve dug in for the night at a bar with a glass of whiskey.  I started listening to them a couple years back right after moving to Chicago, just as I was getting used to the roar of the L train every time I walked under its tracks.  Their songs are very urban and they feel like home, moody and a bit distorted at times.

It’s almost the weekend.  Perfect.

No. 347: 1/21/2010

Where are you tonight, sweet Marie?

– Bob Dylan, Absolutely Sweet Marie

No. 348: 1/20/2010

Yes, there was a dark night if you had the illusion you could
do something about it, and the conviction that not enough
had been done.  Or was it simply impossible – had the two
worlds of America drifted irretrievably apart?

– Norman Mailer, Armies of the Night

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