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sunday routine

January 10, 2010

While I find it impossible to sift through a book of philosophy, I can spend hours reading about the quotidian and unique routines of everyday people.  Since I began working a full-time job a couple years back, I’ve become interested in work/life balance – when so much of a day is dedicated to preparing for, traveling to and from, and actually being at a job, how is it that different people find time to explore their creative sides and/or partake in the activities that make them happy?  Awhile back my friend Elliott remarked in passing that “you’d be surprised how much you can cram into a day if you really try,” and I think he’s right.  There’s plenty of time, so long as you let yourself see it (and of course some days there is more than others).  Nonetheless, I greatly admire people who do a lot. It’s important to relax, unwind and allow for contemplation – but that often comes naturally whether you allow for it or not.  The people for me are the doers, the movers, the ones who make the most of it all.

For us voyeurs who like to see into the lives of others and understand a bit about their own personal philosophies, The New York Times has a newish column called Sunday Routine, which describes the myriad ways different New Yorkers spend their day.  Enjoy.

No. 358: 1/10/2010

I bike down to the local market where the 7:30 ferry will be coming
in. I’ll get a cup of black coffee, a light yogurt, the Sunday New York
Times and The Daily News. And I’ll get on the ferry and ride over to
Bay Shore, where I can walk the five minutes to St. Patrick’s Church
for the 8 o’clock Mass. I have a Ph.D. in religion and I’m a spiritual
person. Notwithstanding the fact that my wife and our children and
grandchildren are all Jewish, I am a Catholic, and the Catholic liturgy
means a great deal to me.

– John Sexton, New York Times “Sunday Routine” 9/11/09

No. 359: 1/9/2010

Around 12:30, there’s this moment of truth: Am I
going to leave the house before 7? About 90 percent
of my friends are in the cast, so when we’re out on
Saturday night we make all sorts of plans for brunches
and movies that never happen. Let’s just say, if I make
plans to see a Sunday afternoon movie, I end up going
alone. But don’t feel sorry for me! I love being alone on
a Sunday!

– Seth Meyers, New York Times “Sunday Routine” 11/20/09

No. 360: 1/8/2010

I wake up late, say 10 or 11, because we’ve usually been out
and about town until 2 or 3 a.m. listening to music at the jazz
clubs or hitting the jazz clubs post-theater. The first thing I
do is brush my teeth — we like to start the morning with fresh
breath — and put on my pajamas and meander down to the
kitchen for a glass of orange juice. No coffee. No caffeine.

– Tamara Tunie, New York Times “Sunday Routine” 10/16/09

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  1. aaron permalink
    January 18, 2010 12:40 pm

    my sunday:

    10am – 4pm: work, coffee, bagel
    4pm – 5:30: cheetah
    6-6:30pm: food shopping
    6:30 – 8pm: shelter
    8 – 12: DVR time – community, 30 rock, and 24

    not a bad sunday

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