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January 4, 2010

Hi, and welcome.  For months now I’ve been plotting a blog, and due largely to this post, I’ve felt the need to find a true focus.  There have been several ideas and I’m sure that any of them could have worked themselves into a good project.  But the truth is that all these brainstormed topics felt forced, and no typing got underway.  I’ve been inspired the last few months by simple things via a variety of media: Jacques Pepin’s memoir “The Apprentice,” photos of New York by Bernice Abbott, the music of Andrew Bird and, also, John Coltrane, the postings by the blogtopgrapher Brian Ferry at The Blue Hour, and snow, when it falls on the streets of Chicago, before the cars and salt have their way.

If anything, this blog will be a space to try out some different ideas.  In order to make sure I keep at the task, I have given myself a project – Project 365, to be exact.  Each day, I will take a photo and over the course of the week I will add those photos here, to this space.  Aside from an amateur interest and a photojournalism course in college, I have little experience as a photographer.  Most of the photos, at least for now, will be shot using the iPhone or a simple digital snapshot camera.

I’ve found that what interests me most online are photos and the sparse words that often accompany them.  In this vain, I will add my own accent to Project 365: many of the photos, though not all, will be accompanied by words not written by myself.  They may be a passage from a book or magazine I am reading, or the newspaper; they might be a line from a song or something that a friend says in passing.  The focus of this blog will be the strange and serendipitous way that photos and seemingly unrelated words can be juxtaposed against one another, to dazzling effect.  I don’t think I’ll make any real attempt to find a connection between the photos and words, but rather allow the two to fall into place next to one another and see what happens.  And so from this idea springs the title of a new attempt at the creative spirit: Juxtaposition.

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  1. January 19, 2010 11:14 pm

    i like the article on “picking a topic”

    and great idea with starting the blog..
    the photos and quotes so far are great, really

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